History of Affordable Housing in US States
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The state of New Jersey is dealing with an ongoing battle to determine its affordable housing obligations- who has to act, when, and how. I would like to read more about how the federal government and/or other US states require (if they do), create and maintain affordable housing. Peer-reviewed academic sources and books preferred.
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I will go through my actual bookshelves tomorrow (am finishing my PhD in urban planning) but rummaging around in my blog, Snob Zones by Lisa Prevost, HUD's Housing Discrimination Study, Amy Howard's More Than Shelter: Activism and Community in San Francisco Public Housing, and the non-peer-reviewed but utterly fantastic BlvckVrchives Cabrini Green project,
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Sending you a memail.
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For a survey of the legal aspects of this topic, I'd recommend checking out the chapter of exclusionary and inclusionary zoning in Land Use Planning and Development Regulation Law. It won't tell you too much about the practice of building affordable housing, but it will tell you a whole bunch about the range of policies that exist along with the case law surrounding those policies. And as with any good discussion of affordable housing, there is plenty about NJ in there.
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If this is not enough, I'd suggest you look at the endnotes in Evicted, which might be easiest for you to get your hands on quickly if you don't have easy access to an academic library.
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