Name this 80s/90s Hong Kong rom-com ghost film!
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One of my fave rom-coms of all time, and I can't remember the title or find it! Set in the 1920s just as electricity is beginning to take hold in China. She works at a theater, he's a ghost. Ghosts can travel via electric wire (and get sucked into them against their will, I think), but if they go into a light bulb and the bulb is turned off, they cease to exist. Ring any bells? Potential dimly-remembered spoiler inside.

I remember they shared one kiss, and I remember that he saved her from an evil ghost, sacrificing himself in the process. Only there was a happy ending.

Please, ensure there's a happy ending for me too!
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This must be it. Love in the Time of Twilight (1995) by Tsui Hark.
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Thank you Misozaki! That's it!
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