small honeymoon gifts
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Anyone have suggestions for the kinds of small gifts you (f) might give your SO (m) as small honeymoon surprises?

Did anyone do this? What'd you give?
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I knit my husband a stuffed squid from a pattern I found on Etsy - I actually did it while we were traveling before the wedding - he thought I was working on a hat... anyway, so maybe some little small thing that you might put a little time into crafting....
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Obviously the best is the thing they mentioned randomly 3 months ago that they wished they had. What that is, can't help you.
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What a lovely idea. I suggest edible lube, lingerie (for either of you), handcuffs, and whatever sex toys look like fun. Have a great honeymoon!
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On our one-year anniversary trip, my wife snuck along a big pack of googly eyes and would put them on a single item for me to find every day - my phone charger, my makeup thing, etc. It was just so goofy and fun - I loved encountering the newly be-eyeballed item every day.
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It depends a bit on the location and activity schedule of the honeymoon. A cabin in the woods is very different from a luxury hotel in Montego Bay. A full activity schedule is different from a more sedentary plan. I remember that on my own honeymoon, we had a jigsaw puzzle. (A nude. Some what risque to leave out for the chambermaid to see, back in the day.)

A teeny bottle of wine or spirits could be good. Say a 187ml bottle of champagne to have with breakfast.
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Ask his sibling or childhood friend if there was a toy or board game he loved as a kid, then find the same edition on eBay.
For instance-
WWF thumb wrestlers
Old Star Wars ship or GI Joe figurine (perfect condition ones are pricey but bashed up ones are pretty affordable)
Interactive electronic games like Simon, Perfection, or Operation
Hungry Hippo
Garbage Pail Kids stickers
Two person games like Battleship or Mastermind would be fun
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