Big Smoker Rental in Hattiesburg, Mississippi
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In the middle of March, I will need to rent/borrow/otherwise acquire a large smoker/grill for roasting about 60 to 70 pounds of porchetta.

The smoker will need to be one of those with a lid, not the open grill type, though attached smoker box is optional, and the grill part itself will probably need to be about four or five feet long. It will need to be transportable to a campground about half an hour south of Hattiesburg, Mississippi (technically in Lumberton). Ideally, it would be delivered there and picked up by a rental company, but it is possible I could arrange transport. Do any of you lovely fellow Mefites live in Hattiesburg or thereabouts? Do you have any recommendation for a rental place? Or know of any other options? About 300 hungry medieval reenactors thank you in advance.
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Sending you Memail
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thebrokedown gave me some leads, for which I am thankful, but I ultimately decided it would be cheaper/more convenient to just buy a couple small covered charcoal grills.
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