Help finding this Polish pop song
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So very little to go on. I recently spent a week camping with a group of Polish guys. Every few nights, another group of Polish folks would join us, and play music off their phone. There was one song that they played on repeat, and it's stuck in my head. It's upbeat dancy pop, and has a part that sounded something like, "bones, bones, bones."

I wish I had more than that to go on, but there was a lot of drinking involved. When I asked my Polish guys for more info, none of them could help. "It's a very silly song." "I don't know, it was from those other Polish people's phone." etc.
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After a quick google, Bones by the Young Guns?

It sounds like discopolo, there are playlists of the genre on youtube you could listen through.
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That song is awesome, but the one I'm looking for had no guitars. Discopolo is an excellent search term, thanks.
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So was the song in Polish on English? Because now that I think about it, most of the Polish language probably sounds like “bones, bones, bones” to an English-speaker. ;-)

Was the group old or young? Was the song sung by a male? Female? a chorus?
Following momus_window’s idea – here are some disco polo combinations (youtube)
Hits of the "crazy 90s",
The greatest old hits,
Disco Polo 2015.
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Song was in Polish (I presume? Played to Polish people, by Polish people, but the larger crowd included folks from Hungary, Lithuania, Israel, USA, UK, India, Mexico, Finland and others.) Song was sung by a male or group of men.
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No idea, but could the "bones, bones, bones" be "boys, boys, boys"? That's one of the most popular disco polo groups in Poland:

Link to an album
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