Dentist in the Twin Cities?
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DentistFilter continues: Recommendations for a good dentist in the Twin Cities?

I'm currently in need of rather extensive dental work, especially replacement for a mostly-missing incisor (but also several cavities and a root canal or two, I'd imagine). Since it's my incisor, of course, I'd like to find a dentist who will take proper care of it and won't be too condescending about the state of my teeth. (Is reasonably-priced too much to ask for too?)
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See Dr. Milnar's work on Norm Coleman!
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I've had experience with three over the years, and they were all very good. I think their prices are about average. They are Dr. Bruce Bates (Roseville), Dr. Michael Kurkowski (Shoreview), and Dr. Russell Frys (Edina).

My ex-husband had very complex bridge work done on his front teeth by Dr. Bates, and after 15 years, there has been no problem.
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Interlachen Dental is my dentist office. The two dentists, Carlson and Gitzen, are both very good and won't put you down.
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I'm really, really pleased with Calhoun Dental, located on the north side of Lake Calhoun. It's pleasant enough that I actually sort of look forward to going in.

If you live in south Minneapolis, for God's sake avoid the guy with all of the metalwork mounted on his office at 33rd and Lyndale (I believe his name is Mattingly). I went to him for a few years, and he's so bizarre that he's a Seinfeld character waiting to happen-- the Dentist who thinks he's a fighter pilot.
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I loved Joan Jakubus, as did my husband and good friend. We secretly called her Dr. Gas because she was generous with the nitrous, which helped me as a terrified dental patient.

4721 Hiawatha
Minneapolis, MN 55406
(612) 721-3012
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Best answer: I'm a huge fan of Dr. DeMaine, 3319 East 50th Steet, Minneapolis, MN, 55417, 612-729-5104. I drive all the way in from the 'burbs to see him these days.

Dr. DeMaine is always up on the latest technology, including using sprayed baking soda to get the tartar off your teeth. It takes a few seconds, with only a tiny bit of sting if the spray hits a bit of your lip, and then it's over -- you get to skip the endless chip-pick-chip with that little metal hooked instrument (shudder). Also, I've changed insurance several times in the several years I've been his client, and never had a single issue with billing. If something is likely to require out-of-pocket expenditure, I'm informed up front.

I'm pretty stoic, but I understand that his slogan "We Cater to Cowards" refers to his expertise in sedation dentistry as well.
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On the north side, Eric Mintalar is great. I just had a checkup at our new dentist [Chanhassen Dental, not enough experience to recommend one way or the other] and both the hygienist and Dr. Hall remarked on the quality of the crown work Eric had done on my mouth.
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I have a serious fear of dentists, but this dentist was wonderful!

Salute Dental- This office is located in Woodbury.
Dr. Olson was who I saw. Friendly, and did a nice job...and most importantly made me feel comfortable.

Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine also has a great list of top dentists by speciality.
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IANAD... Clever sheep, not everyone gets to skip that chip pick chip. You must take pretty good care of your teeth (and/or or be very lucky, or as an absolute worst case possibility have a hygienist who just isn't looking under your gums) because I floss twice a day and still have to get a bit of root planing on #21 and it hurts every 5 months. But yes, in general the baking soda spray makes the hygienists' job a ton easier.

Good luck, and when you speak to the dental office's phone person, mention that you have problems that you are aware of and see if you can't get a free consultation for your particular areas of concern. you'll probably have to pay for the xrays at the first office, but you can get duplicates to take with you to all the other offices.

best of luck.
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Response by poster: thanks for the tips, all.
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Weird...I've had both Dr. Millnar and Dr. Bates.

Dr. Bates is super thorough. He scared the crap out of me, making me get a biopsy for something that turned out to be nothing. Better safe than sorry, I guess...

Irrelevant, but his wife taught at my elementary school.
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This is certainly way too late, but my family has been with Dwight Tschetter, in Hopkins, for years. He keeps up on new practices and techniques, especially in new materials, pain-free dentistry, and the other niceties that can make going to the dentist less than hell. For years after I moved away from the Twin Cities I still came home twice a year just to see him...
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And the contact information for Dr. Tschetter is: 1401 Mainstreet, Hopkins, 55343 - (952) 352-0861
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