What is this (British?) alternative pop song I keep hearing?
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I have heard this song twice and haven't been able to find it by Googling lyrics. The chorus is one line repeated over and over again (something like "I shall not be hearing no" or "I should not be here at all").

I heard it twice in Taco Bell, mixed in with other modern alternative songs. Sounds like a British woman singing, definitely seems like she has some kind of accent but I may be wrong. It's hard to make out the lyrics. At one point she says something like "... something up my sleeve, and I swear, I swear ..." then goes in to the chorus. The line in the chorus is repeated like 10+ times, but I really can't make out the lyrics (something like "I shall not be hearing no" or "I should not be here at all").

Does anyone have any idea?
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This does not quite match any of your words, but it took me forever to figure out exactly what Adele was saying in Send My Love (To Your New Lover) - so leaving that here just in case.
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Possibly "Say Something Loving" by The XX?
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thingonaspring, that's it! Thank you so much.
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