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I want this but without the Alexa (The Ivoxia Triby)

So I really love having internet radio and all the cool world stations-in a radio style box. I like the knob thing where I can explore stations (I have the Squeezebox which is fantastic but they don't make any more of those and I need one for my studio). I have zero interest in Alexa (or google or whatever) in my house, let alone my living room.
What I like about it is--its an internet radio, it is a cute design, its a speaker that I can use with my music/podcast, portable, good battery life, it is like a walkie talkie for the indoors (messaging is neat).
Any suggestions for something similar without Alexa?
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Grace Digital has been making internet radios for quite some time and the similar products feature on various online retailers will show some others.
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C Crane radio might be a possibility. (I have no personal experience with it.)
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I would go with something from Sangean like the WFR-28 or WFR-20.
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Is there a reason you can't just get that product and turn off (or never turn on) Alexa?
From this support article, and this one, it seems that you can a) turn off the microphones (easing any passive listening concerns) and b) it take a bit of work to actually turn alexa on and link it to your amazon account in the first place.
So you could just never set up alexa, turn the mics off, and get the exact product you liked. Unless you're looking for voice recognition that isn't amazon/google/apple (which I don't think you're going to find, unfortunately).
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