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I'm looking for suggestions for speakers for a progressive event. Who can you think of who might be well known enough to be a draw in a rural, 98% white area and who would speak well and passionately about progressive issues that are likely to be most relevant to lower income, rural voters. Issues might include healthcare, preservation of public lands, rights of indigenous people, womens rights, and economic justice. Budget would be under $5K, so really looking for someone who has some name recognition but is not extremely famous.
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Your budget is pretty low for a nationally known speaker. However, maybe Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel and Dimed? I saw Irene Aguilar, M.D., a Colorado State Senator, speak at the American Public Health Association meeting last fall, and she was great. She speaks well on healthcare, women's rights, and economic justice for sure.
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I was going to suggest MLK speeches (not sure if you have ever heard one for more than 5 min but I recently did and it made my hair at the back of my neck stand. That man was something else, no wonder he was so capable of stirring emotions in so many)

I am not a big fan of "experts" because they are never any good at hitting the hearts of people. Its more like throwing data on those who are emotionally invested-they need raw words, words that can reach out and get them. Not a whole speech on the merits and demerits of x, y and z.

Look at TED talks and here is a suggestion-see if someone you think fits the bill. Then email them ((chances are they will ignore it and it may not be worth their while, but depending on which State you are in and what the goals are, you might get lucky). Another suggestion is to look at upcoming democrats/progressives in your region (don't rely on experts for their recommendations, look around yourself at their past speeches. Hell, this might give rise to the next Obama -(remember his speech in 2004?)-you never know)).
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Jason Kandor in Missouri?
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