What are some great political activism tools for a public flyer?
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Hi hi, Much inspired by the Women's March in DC that my sister and I attended, I have decided to remain actively engaged in the political process within our small town. I want to formulate flyers with several good political/ activism App suggestions, websites, and issue points to distribute locally, to encourage participation in our area.

I have several apps and websites I go to myself, but I want to be sure I am promoting the simplest, most effective tools for the flyers. These would be the type of apps that connect people with their local, state, and national officials and on the issues.

Also, ideas about how to formulate the flyer and talking points welcome! I've never been a 'leader' of organizing anything like this myself before, so any advice is welcome. Thanks!
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100 Days / 10 Actions (from the Women's March organisers)
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Helps you located your closest swing district (often in another state) so you can get involved and swing the vote to the left.
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I was going to mention swing left as well - though it is probably best suited for folks in safe districts.

Your profile suggests you are in Virginia - you have a (very significant) gubernatorial race in 10 months . Assuming that is true you might want to consider whether organizing around state-level races is more significant than the congressional level (I still love the idea behind swing left). Terry McCauliff is currently a firewall against a lot of terrible things the R controlled VA leg would like to do. Hillary won the state by 5 points but organizing and energy carry non-presidential year elections. The whole of the VA house is up for re-election. Its currently 66% Republican, but 11 of those 66 represent districts that went to Hillary. Flip those 11, and find another 5-6 total and Dems can retake the house.

I personally would employ the swing left strategy at the state level - if you live in one of the 11 Hillary voting VA House districts, work to get her folks back out in November. If you live next door to one, go help your neighbors out.
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I'm telling everyone about the Indivisable website and free, downloadable .pdf guide. Written by former/current Congressional staffers, really clear guide for, as they say, "...resisting the Trump agenda."
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From the inauguration thread, there's some suggestion (link to megathread) that SwingLeft is a scam site, worth doing some investigating before giving them your info.
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@lobstermitten: shit, THANKS! What a bunch of creeps, behind swingleft. Ew.

Still fielding suggestions...
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There's been an update to the SwingLeft suspicions. I think we need more confirmation before officially denouncing a site like that. It doesn't feel right to point fingers just because there was a Russian name involved.
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@monologish you're right- good point. I wasn't suspicious because of the Russian name (indeed I lived in a post-Soviet country and I don't have a black and white perspective on "Russians" as a whole.) Thanks!
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