Beyond Indivisible: Moral Mondays 101
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NCFilter: I'm looking for readings and resources to share with others on the organization, tactics, and effectiveness of the Moral Monday movement in North Carolina. Especially helpful would be any kind of guide to how to replicate this effort in other localities, similar to the breakdown of the Tea Party tactics in the much-circulated Indivisible Guide. Also of interest: how Moral Mondays organized any second and third tiers of supporters who could not make it in person, but wanted to actively (not just financially) contribute to their efforts.
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Best answer: I haven't read it myself (but now that I know it exists, I will!): Dr. Rev. William Barber, who organized Moral Mondays, published a book about it in October 2014 called Forward Together: A Moral Message for the Nation which discusses the beginnings of the movement in a lot of detail. There's also a more recent one (from Oct 2016) called The Third Reconstruction: How a Moral Movement Is Overcoming the Politics of Division and Fear.
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Best answer: Seconding that you want to look at Barber's books, and also materials published by Repairers of the Breach.
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It's probably worth it to include King's very brief but powerful six principles.
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Response by poster: The books sound indispensable; I will add them to the top of my reading list. I'd also especially appreciate anything available online as a link and in a shorter/more how-to format that could be shared with people who aren't going to read a whole book.
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Best answer: This is an 80-page organizing guide / companion to the New Jim Crow that I found really helpful.
I am actually going through it to find pages that could be excerpted for a shorter handout.
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