Looking for NYC Street Medic Training
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Does anyone know how I might go about finding a street medic training in NYC? I've tried googling, but all the links that pop up are either years old or in other (far away) cities. I am specifically looking for a training for street medics that would be able to assist protesters, not a general first aid training.
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Look for local anarchist/antifascist groups. Many protest medics I've seen are from that circle.
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NYCStreetMedics@gmail.com is the email address you want.
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If your CPR certification isn't up to date, that's something you can work on whilst finding other groups, and it'd be a valuable skill to bring to the table.
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This is a thing where you're gonna have to find your local anarchist community and start asking around. In my experience, many medics and medic collectives are very security-culture oriented and try to keep their internet presence minimal. Also, don't be alarmed if folks seem off-putting initially or ask you a lot of questions about why you're interested. The kinds of communities that medics draw from have historically had a lot of problems with government/law enforcement infiltrators and provocateurs, so many groups try to stay small and insular for safety reasons.

In the mean time, you might want to read over the Black Cross Medical Collective's Activists' Guide to Basic First Aid to get an idea about what kinds of things you'd learn at a longer training.
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ActionPopulated, I figured this might be the case. I thought I'd ask in case I was wrong and there was a NYC street medic group with an internet presence I didn't know about.
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I've been looking for the same thing locally. In the meantime, I found this site very useful.
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