What should I pay (if anything)
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I live in a shared place where we are equally responsible for the rent. In the next month or two I am looking to move out and from previous conversations the person I share with indicated that they will stay but find someone else to share with. - so lets just assume this.

I only have to give one or two months notice to the landlord/ other tenant to take me off the lease (whether the landlord accept him just on this lease is up to them)

My question is do I need to give them (my current co leaser) any money to put towards cleaning (when you usually do when its end of lease) for the time I spent there or is it just a case of the next person who moves in having to incur that cost.

Legally I know I dont have to do anything since there is nothing on the lease if one of us moves out and there was no agreement about this before I moved in. I will leave my areas cleaned - but *should* i be prepared to pay something. If so what percentage?

We both have been in this apartment for 3 years.

What does the hive mind think?
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In a recent similar situation, I paid for the carpets to be cleaned to an end-of-lease standard and gave all the common areas a good clean myself. The remaining furniture was in the way, of course, but the traffic areas were cleaned. Myself and the remaining tenant thought it a fair exchange.
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No, I don't think you need pay anything towards those costs if your current co-tenant is staying for another term. The costs of the cleaning don't correlate in any meaningful way to the time spent in the unit, TBH. The cleaners just go in and clean. It doesn't take any more time to vacuum a carpet or scrub a bathroom for a vacating one-year tenant than a five-year tenant (assuming you haven't been living the last three years in abject squalor).

The cost of terminating a lease is the cost of s/he who terminates the lease. What if they were there for the next 20 years?
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Any of your personal areas (bedroom, bathroom, etc.) should be clean to professional-level standards, whether that means putting in a lot of work yourself or hiring someone to do it. I would also put in some time to make sure communal areas are in good shape, and definitely that all of your stuff is 100% out and any mess you are even partly responsible for is gone. Honestly, I have never paid for professional cleaners when moving out of an apartment -- I've always simply done it myself -- so I don't think there's a need for either you or the new person to pay anything as long as you do the cleaning yourself. If you don't want to clean, I would still have the cleaner come before you move out -- I would be pretty annoyed if someone left me a dirty place to move into and a bunch of cash, but then I had to hire a cleaner!
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I was the person who stayed on the lease (this is years ago). The original plan new roomie was going to pay old roomie her share of the safety deposit. New roomie did a quick walk through two days before the change to confirm she was happy with the condition of the apartment. They were actually friends, so that may have played a roll in the decision making process.

Then old roomie proceeded to throw herself a going away party during her last 12 hours in the apartment. She literally left before all of her guests did. There were carpet stains. Her room (that was empty!) and the shared bath were a disaster.

Fortunately the exchange of money hadn't occurred, so we were able to settle it to everyone's satisfaction. (To be fair to old roomie, she acknowledged things got out of hand and readily agreed to one of our proposed options). So, just don't trash the place on your way out.
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I think offering 1/4 of the estimated move-out cleaning bill is reasonable and par for the course in my experience sharing leases. If your roommate decides not to stay or is unable to find someone that's willing to move in with them, you're on the hook for 1/2 of the costs, right?
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I have never had to pay anything toward cleaning when moving out before roommates.
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