Breakfast at Tiffany's - for the older set
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I'd like to get my mom a really nice/fancy/pricey piece of jewelry for her 70th birthday. The only high-end jeweler I know is Tiffany's and their stuff seems quite young to me. Where does one go for something high-end for a more mature woman with a slightly artsy/eccentric taste?

The cost will be shared amongst several relatives, so we can go probably up to $1,000-$1,500 in price, and ideally it would be someplace in the US that we can order from online and can ship.

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Sundance Catalog
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What kind of thing does your mom like? Passage des Perles, a blog whose approach is totally different than mine, is written by a woman with some connections and experience about jewelry. Her posts tagged 'buying jewelry' might be of interest.

She is also very big on getting old pieces reworked (if you have an outdated ring or necklace you can get it remade in a new design and/or incorporating some new materials) if that would be of interest to your mother - that would be a more collaborative project but might be a lot of fun.

She is Canadian but works with various North American and online vendors.
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I think fine jewelry (that's the phrase you want) is difficult to buy online without seeing any in person - do you have Saks or Neiman Marcus nearby? Those are good places to at least establish a baseline of designers you think would appeal to your mom and then you can order online once you've seen what's available. From quickly scanning the Saks site, she might like Ivy, Piaget, and Nikos Koulis.
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Ted Muehling (at Bergdorf Goodman, but available elsewhere).
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Seconding Sundance Catalog. What a really nice thing to do for your mom!
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Birks is the "Canadian Tiffany's" and they ship, generally free, to the US. Plus, your dollar will go a lot farther in Canada.
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Check out Blue Nile. They have elegant pieces at various prices. Free shipping and 30-day returns.
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Satomi Kawakita ( makes amazing jewelry priced from $200 up to maybe $3000. Ethical diamonds, astonishing designs. On my list for when ... someone offers me expensive jewelry.
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I can't say enough good things about Miner's Den. We deal with them in person, but they have also shipped for us. If you call them or email them with what you are looking for they would be delighted to help you find just the right piece. They have a huge array of different styles, some of which aren't on their website. I got my mom a set of blue diamond marcasiste earrings and necklace there for her 80th birthday.
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There is also The Real Real which is a consignment website of high-end designer fashion and jewellery... One-of-a-kind pieces, some very nice necklaces and more.
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How do you feel about heirloom jewelry? Sometimes you can pick up stuff with really classic designs for lower than new prices. Here's one example, there are others you can find from that website.
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I think Joseph's is worth a look.
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My mother is fond of Ehinger-Schwarz jewelry. Much of it comes as interchangeable pieces, so you can put together your own looks. They also have some nice-looking sets.
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Seconding Ted Muehling...
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Also came in to recommend Birks, which I think is currently having their post-Xmas sale.
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Cross Jewelers has a mix of styles, from more to less traditional.
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Ross Simons
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An art gallery or juried art show.
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Depending on how her tastes sway, I think any mature age woman would be DELIGHTED with a Cartier anything. In that price range you could get any number from their very classic ranges.

If you're looking at Tiffany, I suspect you're also thinking about the branding at least a little. Other jewellery that would be suitable would include Herm├ęs, Bvlgari.
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If she's artsy and eccentric, a huge vote for the jewelry designer Mociun.
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