I'm trying to find gold bar and agate/geo earrings for sensitive ears
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Hi Folks! I have seen cute gold bar earrings, similar to this image, on a lot of folks. I FINALLY found them. However, I bought the earrings at DSW and they caused my ears to become red- I have very sensitive ears. I love all the earring is this image in particular the crystal ones and the agate/geo looking ones- of course in addition to the gold bars. Any ideas on where to find for sensitive ears? I thought perhaps Etsy but I have no clue how to begin looking. thanks!
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Your image isn't coming up.
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I hope this is embedded now.
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I don't know to to do ze links either but I think you'd dig jaxkelly.com - all sterling or 14k gold.
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These are pricey but gold shouldn't irritate your ears the way the nickel in the other ones do.
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My sensitive ears used to get red and itchy unless I wore 14k or higher gold (not plated) or sterling silver earrings. But now everything bothers me for more than an hour or two.

Surprisingly, Claire's has a line of hypoallergenic earrings and might be a good place to find cheap versions of the ones you liked to see if they bother you.
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My wife had this problem. The only thing that works for her is "585 russian gold" earrings. EBay sellers with good ratings are the way to go.
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Link to the earrings.

Link to jaxkelly.com.

Link to how to construct links on metafilter.

If you can't find what you are looking for in stores a simple gold bar on a stud is a buck simple thing for any actual jeweller to construct.
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If Claire's earrings work for you, they have a sister store called Icing that is aimed at an older crowd and might have trends that are more appealing.

I also have sensitive earrings and the stuff they sell at Macy's is usually fine with me.
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It looks like "bar post earrings" or "bar stud earrings" would be a workable search on etsy. At that point, it's just different metals to search through.
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I love Virginia Wynne's work for things like this. I have sensitive ears too and nothing I've ever purchased from her have caused any problems.
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