Gathering Canadian resources for action to counter the Alt Right
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I'd like to collect a list of Canadian-specific suggestions and resources (organisations, websites, etc) that could be useful for creating something like these guides: 1, 2, 3.

Specifically, I'd love to know what's already out there that: 1) takes a local and intersectional view and 2) suggests actionable steps to the public (especially concrete steps forward beyond those to avoid). I understand that this is work and would also appreciate information on ways to pay for/otherwise support the time and energy of existing educators and activists (e.g.).

I believe that many of us are searching for this information and I hope that we might be able to benefit from sharing the pieces that we already know.

What actions do you wish more Canadians would consider and how did you find out about them?
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I'd have a dig through, and sign up for the (very comprehensive and neatly organised and edited) newsletter; if it exists in any meaningful fashion, it will show up on the site and/or newsletter. Less ambiguously, there is the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty -- though despite the name it is for most purposes just Toronto-based actions. ACORN Canada might also be a thing to take a look at.
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