How to get a piece of unpainted furniture painted/stained in Brooklyn?
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Who can I pay to paint or stain a small piece of unpainted furniture for me? I'm in Bushwick, in Brooklyn, but the piece is a relatively small shelf that is in pieces, so I could easily bring it wherever it needs to go.

I have a custom piece of unpainted furniture that I bought online. I had hoped to paint it or stain it outside while the weather was nice but the outside space at my apartment has become unavailable and my life got a lot more busy. So now it's sitting in my living room being clutter, instead of being useful!

What are my options for getting it painted or stained?
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Me. I work in midtown and have studio space there, but painting/staining/varnishing can be done in a living room (windows open, ha!) website/portfolio is on my profile. I have all the tarps and paint and supplies...even some colors of wood stain.
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You might reconsider painting it yourself. Painting furniture indoors is WAY easier and less fuss than you'd think.


Use a water-based product, like latex paint, chalk paint, or polycrylic sealer, and there's barely any off-gassing. Basically if the packaging says you can clean brushes with water, it's fine indoors. But if the product is oil-based, or if it says you need turpentine, paint thinner, or mineral spirits to clean it, don't use it inside- it'll be awful.

My floor protector of choice is a dollar store shower curtain- easy to fold up after, doesn't let paint drips weep through like fabric, and doesn't stick to drying paint like newspaper.

Keep some baby wipes or damp paper towels handy to immediately clean drips.

Pour out some paint into a smaller container to dip your brush into, rather than keeping the whole can open (less to spill).

A silky paintbrush leaves a nicer, smoother finish than a brush with stiffer bristles. Purdy brand brushes are wonderful but pricey- and you can often find similarly great, silky synthetic brushes at dollar stores.

Paint while you listen to a podcast and drink a beer, if you roll that way. Painting should be relaxing.
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