Dress form recommendations
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Purchasing a sewing dress form, looking to the hive mind sewists for advice. Specs inside

There are way too many mannequins to choose from! I'd like a woman's dress form, for skirts and dresses, inserting pins, adjustable, solid base.
Budget around $300 or so. Thank you!
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But could go higher budget for better quality...
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Was going to suggest Royal dress forms, but yikes so expensive! (I rescued mine in pristine condition from a department store dumpster, so maybe that's an option)...also Wolf forms are equally good, but their website is not up (out of business?). Just found a bunch of both on ebay, but it looks like you'll have to be patient for a good deal (and definitely be prepared for $$$hipping). You definitely want one that's cotton wadding over heavy paper maiche for pinning with a heavy cast iron base (with wheels). Also, 'adjustable' forms are usually 'plastic contraptions that break easily' (you can always pad up a few sizes with batting). And don't be afraid, when bargain hunting, to go for one with the muslin cover ripped (as you will find a lot of these for sale second-hand)...just copy the pattern off the form and make another (you may need to staple-gun it around the base, disassemble/reassemble the arm and neck covers, and hand-sew the back seam)...definitely check craigslist and any dry cleaners that do tailoring for second-hand.
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If this is for yourself, (or if you know an obliging standard size,) you can make your own for less than that.

Various methods available.
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