Help me choose the most lucky (in Chinese numerology) house number
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I'm trying to help a friend select the best house number. He can choose any odd number between 1801 and 1831. Difficulty level: needs to be considered lucky (or at least not unlucky) in Chinese numerology. I suggested 1831 (year when Faraday demonstrates the first electric transformer and Darwin sailed on the Beagle and Mendelssohn's 1st Piano concert in G premiers) but my friend is concerned that his parents might not consider the number lucky because 1+8+3+1=13, 1+3=4, 4 is considered unlucky in Chinese numerology. Help?

Note: he doesn't want to ask his parents to help him choose a number because then that will be a "thing". He just wants to tell them what the house number will be without resulting in lots of controversy. He likes interesting historical events and would like to choose an interesting number for the year - but it needs to be a number that is also considered lucky in Chinese numerology.
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8 is the luckiest number so I'd think 1808 (1+8+8 = 17, 1+7 = 8) would be good. No idea of the historical significance though.
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Response by poster: Sorry, the only options available are odd numbers between 1801-1831.
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1817 works out numerologically the same way as 1808, but is odd. For any candidate number, Wikipedia has fairly robust articles on major events in most years in the past few hundred (e.g. 1817).
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Find a number that ends up adding to 8 and doesn't have any 4s in it?

Funny anecdote, supposedly the 444 Flower building in LA changed its name to Citigroup Center when the Bank of China became a major tenant.
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1817, year the draisine was invented

1+8+1+7=17 --> 1+7=8
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I would go with 1801 - the 1's and 0's are nice neutral background for the big ol' lucky prosperous EIGHT. All the Chinese relatives will go "oooh, nice big 8" and then not think a thing more about it. I'm sure lots of things were invented or discovered in 1801.
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My FIL was a palm-reader and charm-maker, and used Chinese numerology and astrology charts (we still have them) for just this very sort of thing. It's about more than finding a random assortment of numbers and adding them up this way and that way. Your birthdate is important, as is the time of year you're going to create the number, etc.

Anything else is just meaningless, so why bother anyway?

You should (and this will sound ridiculous) consult a professional (like my late, great father-in-law).
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Do they speak Mandarin, Cantonese, or another dialect? It matters; sometimes the number word sound different and have different homonyms and different sayings they go with.

Based on the Wikipedia I would go with 1809 or 1829.

My actual advice is to tell your friend to call an astrologer to pick a good number based on the constraints you have (first two numbers have to 18; third number can only be 0, 1, or 2; last number can only be 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9; third number can be 3 if last number is 1.) Then if it doesn't work, he can blame the astrologer.
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3 is also an auspicious number, sounding similar to "birth" (fertility).

A 10+ number can also auspicious as the 1 modifies the second sound as "will" or "to be" or "must be." Can since it's more of an intensifier, so 14 would be even more inauspicious than just 4.

So, 18 13 should be a good number that sounds like "will be wealthy, will be fertile."

Too bad you can't work a 6 in there somewhere, which sounds similar to "green" (Eden-like).
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