Are there any newsletters for dance performance in L.A.?
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I know such things exist for classical music concerts, so: I'm looking for an email newsletter I could subscribe to which would regularly send me a complete list of upcoming dance performances -- ballet, modern dance, etc. -- in the Los Angeles area. Anyone know of something like that?
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LA is unfortunately a ballet desert, so for ballet, I think it helps to subscribe directly with the performance venue or local company, and add all the dates to a Google calendar, or whatever calendaring system you use. You might consider subscribing to the e-newsletters offered by these:

The Music Center
Segerstrom Center for the Performing Arts

You can also subscribe directly with ABT and NYCB, who are more likely to visit SoCal. ABT and NYCB also usually post their annual performance calendar way in advance.

Stars from ABT frequently guest with these local schools, so I would subscribe to their newsletters as well:

Westside Ballet School
Festival Ballet Theatre

Also, the blogger Haglund's Heel, frequently gives a heads-up on where his favorite stars from ABT and NYCB are performing. He also writes really excellent dance commentary and reviews (I am not in any way affiliated with HH).

I also have to mention, that if you need a quick ballet fix, NYCB has an awesome YouTube channel. They have tons of videos and clips, and are doing really exciting things with digital media.
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The Bolshoi Ballet also offers a series of filmed ballet performances. Even though it's not live, watching on a big screen is nice.
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I want this, too! But without it, I do as Invisible Ink suggests, and also check Performing Arts Live periodically -- which I found through KUSC and which, surprisingly, has yielded non-Western dance performances also, like a fantastic evening of Middle Eastern dance at El Camino College.
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Response by poster: Thanks, both. I've subscribed to individual newsletters where I could.
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