DIY Photobooths and other sorts of affordable wedding entertainment?
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What are some good options for DIY photo booths for a wedding? Anything you've seen or tried that worked well? (Or stuff that didn't really work?) While we're at it, any other types of wedding reception entertainment that was fun and likely not over, say, $700 to pull off?
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If this is outside, buying or building a bunch of different lawn games can be fun. Giant Jenga with 2x4s, bean bag toss(aka cornhole), that thing where you toss balls connected by string at a ladder, etc.
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As an alternative to the photo booth, you could buy one (or more) of the new Poloroid cameras and inveigle someone's younger brother to go around taking pictures of people.
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My niece had a flip book maker at her bat mitzvah and I honestly don't know who enjoyed it more - - the teens or the adults.
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To build out a photobooth you'll need a Fancy Webcam/DSLR, Laptop, Inkjet Printer, Lights, Tripod, etc.
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Not at a wedding, but I've used dslrbooth and it works pretty well. You don't need a printer - people can enter their email address or social media handle and it will send them the photo. You just need a laptop (placed on a steady surface since people will need to type on it!) and a camera hooked up to the laptop. I don't think it needs to be a dslr specifically. Looking at their website, they also have an iPad app now which would be even easier to set up!
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I went to a wedding last year that just had a station with someone taking Polaroids of the guests. It was surprisingly fun to see the photo developing and the whole thing was way less awkward than photobooths for unphotogenic people (like me).
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Check out SparkBooth for DIY photo booths.
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You could hand out several disposable cameras and let everyone get in the fun of taking pictures.
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For kids, I guess a couple of the staples are someone doing make up, and someone making balloon animals.

I have the notion that you could build some sort of guessing game based on the happy couple, and the families, e.g. the man in the photo is a uncle. Whose uncle?
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Have an area with disposable cameras, nutty furniture/set items, and silly clothes/hats. It will be a good time!
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To chime in with some posted suggestions- had a polaroid (Instax wide) and disposable cameras at my wedding reception this summer and they were great. We had washi tape by the guest book so people could tape polaroids in and write notes, and people were enjoying it way more than I thought they would. Same with disposables- we made sure the kids all got as many cameras as they liked, kids with cameras were totes adorbs, and they took some pretty great photos. Well under $700, with disposables at about CAD 15, Instax wide at about USD100, and instax film ~USD 1 per photo.
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Some friends had swing dance lessons at the start of the reception. Easy steps. The instructors just matched people who didn't have partners. They taught for less than 30 minutes and it was super fun. Also, everyone danced all night since they already felt loose about it.
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We did the Instax instant photos too, at the guestbook table, and had a guestbook that we put photo corners in so people could write a note next to their photo. We tasked some nieces and nephews to make sure everyone got their picture taken. They had fun chasing people down.
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I helped a friend set one up where we used an iPad + a printer app and I made a poster with the list of instructions how to use it. She had a lot of things from her dad like tripods and things to drape things on and the backdrop was a cool shower curtain.
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