Philly Peeps! What's up?
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Philly people: what is good this weekend?

I meant to post this earlier but things got away from me. I'm in the Northern Libs/Fishtown area from now til Sunday midday. Concert at the Fillmore tonight. Otherwise looking for food,coffee, and in particular fun tomorrow during the day and night. Like Burlesque and music and whiskey and attempting to eat every animal that ever graced a Disney movie (minus horse and tigers).
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Best answer: There is obviously the Women's March on Philadelphia, which is something to be aware of even if it's not your thing because the city will be very busy, with road closures along the parade route, etc.

Unless you're a brunch-hating heathen, you have to check out Green Eggs Cafe (NoLibs location).

If you're into history, The Franklin Bar (previously the Franklin Mortgage Co) is a prohibition-era bar.

Restaurant Week starts Sunday, with a full list of participating restaurants here. I love Garces Trading Co - they also have an amazing flavored oil/vinegar bar with tasting cups to sample with your bread.

I recommend browsing uwishunu - they pretty much have it all in terms of events.
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I will never not recommend Elixr Coffee Roasters on Sydenham in Center City for great coffee in a neat, industrial-ish cafe.
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Best answer: attempting to eat every animal that ever graced a Disney movie

That sounds like Watkins Drinkery for sure.

It's too bad you have a concert tonight; otherwise... (I'm just clued in to that scene enough to occasionally see something come up on Facebook. Still, unfortunately doesn't look like anything going on tomorrow.)

Other than those, thinking about that area (not my neighborhood for sure):

Will you be around long enough to throw a couple axes during walk-in hours?

You could always say hello to Milkshake the pig at Greensgrow.

My friend & former coworker has a really excellent distillery in Kensington that does tours during the day, I think. (I kickstarted and got a barrel of his barley whiskey. It's gooood.)

Johnny Brenda's is a pretty good venue in Fishtown-- this is what's going on tomorrow night. Nearby, for food, I really like Fette Sau (and Frankford Hall, but really only during warm weather). Barcade maybe?
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Oh, two pizza options: Pizzeria Beddia (one guy's obsession with Neapolitan and beyond) and Pizza Brain (quirky, with pizza museum attached! Also ice cream).
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Response by poster: Johnny Brenda's is fucking baller. Thank you.
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Lloyd on E Girard reportedly has good whiskey, and the food and atmosphere is very good.

Pizzeria Beddia always has a line. Pizza Brain has very similar excellent pizza and less of an issue actually getting the pizza. Little Babies ice cream is next door and both unusual and delicious.

For coffee, La Columbe on Frankford is our destination coffee location. One Shot in Northern liberties is also good, or Reanimator. Reanimator and La Columbe both roast in the neighborhood.

For brunch, Cafe La Maude in northern liberties is amazing French / Lebanese food, if a bit pricey. In Fishtown there's Ida Mae's, which never has a line. I don't know if Kensington Quarters has brunch but they are very meat focused.
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