Yet another 'name that tune' ask...
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This morning when I turned on my car, a song started playing... it said from my phone's bluetooth, but when I looked at my various apps nothing was playing the song (or any song). Usually my phone starts up the podcast I last listened to, but nothing was playing there either. I stopped the song, and then regretted it, because I can't figure out what song it was...

-It's got the word monster in the chorus and probably title... I thought it was a cover of Scary Monsters, but when I listened to Bowie's original I'm sure that's not it.
-It's got a verse with words that sound like "Oingo Boingo," I think in the chorus. I was big into Boingo in the 80s and remember thinking the song was referencing them, but I'm pretty sure it's saying something else, like 'boingo boingo,' maybe.
-It's punk/garage style, with rough, sort of out-of-tune vocals
-I've heard the song many times before, probably in the 80s or 90s, probably on alternative radio.

This is driving me INSANE, please help.

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Do you have an iphone?

I have had this happen a few times with rental cars. I link my phone to the car via bluetooth and on starting the car the music app will start playing the "first" song it can find. I don't have any downloaded on my phone but now that can include anything from the apple cloud as well....even if you didn't upload anything intentionally it automatically will make songs you have bought available for streaming. (what drove us nuts last trip was the first song it could find was "A-Punk by Vampire Weekend" so we herd the first 15 seconds of that pretty much every time we started up the car until I got sick enough to figure out how to disable that)
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Sorry I don't know the tune, but I asked a question about this a while back. I never did figure out what caused that recurrent issue, but it stopped happening to me at some point.
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Monster by The Automatic?
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Don't know if this'll lead you to an answer, and it's predicated on the idea that you weren't picking up something from someone else's phone, but:

"if you go to the message app, there is the app store icon right next to the field you enter your message in. Select this and then swipe right until you get to the music 'window' this will list all the songs you have played recently."

Or this.

Maybe those'll lead you to your answer?
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Bongo Bong (yt) by Manu Chao?
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