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A group wants to donate to a breast cancer charity. I would feel personally better about sending funds to a charitable group that focuses on forming good preventative health habits/increasing health care access/improving health practices for women.

I've not found a group that fits the bill yet, hoping MeFites can help. Early ideas would be charities that foster fitness, healthy eating, environmental improvements? Open to other ideas as well. Needs to be USA based. I would just donate to Planned Parenthood, as that is my preferred option, and has the absolute best record on all of my requirements above, but they are off the table due to religious requirements of some group members (even bringing them up will derail the whole project). However, I am sure I could sneak reproductive health in under a banner that supports multiple causes.
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I understand not wanting to donate to breast cancer organizations that promote "awareness" in the form of marketing their own organization. If you can't get this group to change the focus of their desired cause, though, there are organizations out there with a real focus on research, education, and helping women with advanced cancer.
Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Sorry, as this doesn't exactly answer your question. But Komen's problems don't have to stop your group from supporting the cause. Reproductive and sexual health is a serious and underaddressed issue for breast cancer survivors, FYI. By supporting any of these organizations, you will be doing good for women in many ways beyond "saving the tatas" or whatever bullshit those pink ribbons are supposed to indicate.
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Ipas might be a good fit for you.
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One option that might work is to donate to a breast cancer charity that specifically focuses on environmental factors related to breast cancer. One I know of that has a good reputation is Breast Cancer Action. They're pretty sharply critical of charities that do "pinkwashing" (that is, allow corporations that make products potentially linked to cancer risk factors to do pink-ribbon campaigns) and have a general social-justice focus.
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Oh, after a second read, I'm guessing PP is off the table because of abortion. In that case, forget about Ipas.
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Regarding the breast cancer thing – this has nothing to do with Komen, there are plenty of highly rated breast cancer charities out there and if that is the direction we go, we can easily select one. I really want to work with a group that promotes a wider women's health agenda, and focuses on preventative health measures.
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