Why is my uterus trying to kill me?
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Apologies in advance for TMI.

I had my period last week and should be feeling normal by now. However I have the same achy tenderness in my lower abdomen that I normally associate with PMS. Not pain just noticable. I've been unusually weepy and sad and tired.

I have a doc appt next week but in the meantime what might help me?

Other info: I'm 41
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Any chance you are pregnant?

Could also be fibroids.

Could also be stress...perhaps due to a certain Pussy Grabber In Chief?
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Zero chance that I am pregnant.

Will google fibroids, thank you!
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I know 41 sounds young for it - but maybe perimenopause? At what age did your mom, and other female relatives, stop menstruating?
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The answer is always yes.

I have fibroids and this happens to me a lot. Sometimes it's doesn't progress any more than where you're at now. Sometimes I'll have whole 'nother period.

Twice I've had what they think is a ruptured cyst, but those two cases were more of a sudden onset of severe pain+lots of bleeding+weepiness (not sure if that's common). If that happens (or you get a fever, etc) check in with your doctor again ASAP to see if they need to see you sooner.

Are you in a low-sun area? I wound up having really low vitamin D levels, and it both screwed with my cycle (even with BC I was having a period way too often) and really low energy levels. I was shocked at how much energy I suddenly had once I started taking a supplement. Not sure if you'd be comfortable starting that without your doctor's go ahead, though.
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I had similar issues and was misdiagnosed by my (male) GP, but I was certain that something was off. Something more than "these things are often psychological." F that guy.

Finally my OB/GYN ordered an ultrasound and found a few cysts. They ended up being linked to endometriosis, which involved more pain than what you describe. But if it doesn't go away and you don't get another explanation, it could be good to ask for some kind of imaging.
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I started having issues very similar to this in my early 40s, which eventually progressed to super duper heavy ("flooding") periods. Ultrasound revealed fibroids, and an IUD has stopped the issue entirely.

So, yeah, tell your doctor and ask for a (very simple) ultrasound to check for fibroids.
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This sounds similar to fibroid symptoms I have experienced.
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fibroids will give you some or all of the following:

- grotendously heavy periods that just get worse and worse
- the above with extra fun special pain arriving sooner and leaving later
- a weird heavy feeling in the lower abdomen before during and after periods
- the above but sometimes it also makes your legs feel heavy/tired
- i forget if seeing heavy clotting/clumping in your flow is from fibroids or not but that is of course also suboptimal
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This is not what you asked but I'll share anyway; I am doing keto and heavily read a FB support group which is women only. Several members have mentioned that they have pcos, endometriosis, fibroids and cysts, ie they are on some sort of spectrum of estrogen / hormonal imbalance; many have reported that they have had good luck in rebalancing their hormones by changing their diet to keto. Depending on what your doctor finds and recommends, it might be worth trying that diet for a while to get your hormones in balance.
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Could be perimenopause. I'm 43 and my hormones and periods have been crazy the last 2-3 years but have been super extra insane the last year. Most of last year my cycle ranged from 51-72 days. Since November my cycle has swung the other way and now I'm having a period every 9-21 days.
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