Is DC to be avoided on Memorial Day Weekend?
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Weird to be asking this today of all days, but: my wife and I want to travel to DC to do general tourist stuff in late May/early June. For a bunch of reasons, a stretch of time that includes Memorial Day Weekend looks best for us. But we're worried about the city being unusually crowded/gridlocked/hectic with Memorial Day stuff. Is that a legit worry? Would we be better off being in town a week earlier or later?
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One event that happens every year that weekend is the Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally. Some highways and streets will be closed for that, and loud and annoying motorcycles are all over the place.
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Yeah, what procrastination said. And that's about it. Assuming everything doesn't go south before then, you'll be fine!
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You would better off going to DC a week early. A week later means most likely hotter and most likely more tourists and tour groups. There have been many AskMes about things to do/see in DC if you need any ideas. It's a great resource for visitors.
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In passing: I went to visit my daughter when Rolling Thunder came roaring through. I loved it! I am a vet and I did chat with a number of is not for everyone's taste, I know, but I found it impressive.
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Yeah, Rolling Thunder means there are REALLY loud bikes around all weekend. But if you can handle the occasional drowning out of conversations as you walk the mall, everything else was just festive.
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Memorial Day will be a busy weekend in D.C. but it won't be Times Square on New Years Eve. We save that for inaugurations and protests. It's as fine a time as any--definitely read some prior threads on what to see/where to eat/how to get around because there are a lot of options.
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Yeah I've been to DC before on Memorial Day weekend and it was fine. We were able to get into all the museums we wanted no problem. It was only a bit more crowded than when I've visited at other times of the year.
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We went that weekend last year. Yup, heard a lot of motorcycles but we didn't have any particular troubles with the Metro, getting into museums and restaurants, etc. It was busy but not ridiculous.
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