Can you id this wrapper/packaging?
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Can you tell what this wrapper thingy is? It's plastic on the top and papper on the bottom side. It cannot be opened or used to store anything. Looks like a lid to me but hard to tell.
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How wide is the circle?

Some glass milk bottles are sealed with that sort of lid. The paper is pressed down into the mouth of the bottle and then the excess formed around the lip.
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The whole thing measures 4,2 x 4,2 cm.
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Could it be part of the packaging for some HP Laserjet printer toner?
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Not sure really. My guess is makeup, medicine or foodstuff because of the expiration date?
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Sometimes cookie packages have something like that as an internal structural base.
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Cardboard tubes—think an old Smarties tube—with rolled bottoms have an end piece which is often this shape. You would think that the bottom of a round tube would be round, but if you unroll the tube the piece of card is square (or, at least, it can be).

These are the kind of tubes I mean.
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Googling the number (163070734) for images brought up a couple images if HP Toner:
which may not mean anything.
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