Flaky pressure cooker
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I've got an electric pressure cooker (Instant Pot knockoff; I think it's this one) that came with a non-stick coating on the inner pot, which is now starting to flake off. Can I just pop in one of Instant pot's replacement inner pots? How forgiving of slight differences in dimension are these things?

On the Amazon description for the replacement pot they seem quite adamant that it "does not fit any other brands", which, seriously? It's a pot. That said, I am not super keen to spend $40+ on a pot that doesn't quite fit (too large and I can't get it in; too small and I have visions of like, pressurized food flying out of a not-quite-perfectly-sealed pot).

I found Instant Pot's specifications for the dimensions for the inner pot, but they're frustratingly imprecise. Hope me?
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This isn't the direct answer to your question, but Amazon's return policy is extremely generous. I'd just buy it, if it doesn't fit properly to my liking, I'd just mark it for return as "item doesn't work", and the return shipment is free.
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I don't know the first thing about Instant Pots or knockoffs thereof, but I wouldn't even dream of messing about with any kind of pressure cooker situation in which the fit of the lid is not exactly precise.
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But the part I'm talking about isn't directly attached to the lid - these new electric pressure cookers (as opposed to the old stovetop kind) have a separate lid + locking mechanism that secures it to the outer chassis, and a removable liner in which you put your food (diagram). The part I'm talking about is the floating "inner pot" - the lid and exterior of the pressure cooker lock together fine.
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I don't think the inner pot is floating on the instant pot. the seal on the lid engages with the inner pot. Not sure what yours is like but someone on the instant pot fb page killed their pot by using a different liner pot that didn't seal with the lid.
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Drat. :( Best to not, then, I suppose. At this point I'm considering sanding down or blasting the teflon off the damaged pot to avoid pitching the whole thing in the trash - so annoying.
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If you do have the GreenPan version of the Instant Pot, it shouldn't be flaking off. I own a GreenPan skillet and tbe ceramic non-stick coating they use is pretty rugged. I have an Instant Pot knock off by the name of "Power Pressure Cooker" and it has a cheap coating like Teflon that I know will come off with too much scrubbing.

That being said, the one I own has a floating pot like you describe so might be an OK replacement.
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