Top 5 romantic things to do in Stockholm and Prague
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I'm supposed to write a listicle on romantic things to do in different cities, but Stockholm and Prague have me stumped. Does anyone have ideas of romantic things that are not "take a walk through the Old Town"?

I'm looking for things that aren't super obvious. So for instance the botanic gardens could be romantic (and steamy). And also eating special kinds of food could be, or climbing to the top of a bell tower or...base jumping together.
But really, if you've been there, I'd love your ideas on what a couple could do there to create special memories together!

Thank you!
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Vrtba Gardens in Prague were beautiful! I went with friends but it could definitely be a great spot for a romantic stroll, perhaps a picnic. The church adjacent to the gardens is lovely too.
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Admittedly it's an hour away from Prague by train, but I can't think of a more romantic destination than the Sedlec Ossuary.
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I forgot to mention that these need to be places you can visit now, so most gardens won't work that are closed over winter!
Thanks for the suggestions, though, that is the kind of thing I'm looking for.
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If it's a warmish day, the best view in Prague has got to be the Letna beer garden. Bring a pizza down from Pizza Letna and then warm up at the surprisingly cool Technical Museum and Bar Cobra. (And of course the Bio Oko theatre, if it's playing something in English.)
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The zoo in Prague is pretty cool and fun, if you're into that kind of thing (and is situated on a hill, so if you skip the little people-carrier and instead take the long walk up, you'll get your blood pumping pretty good). Also those amazing donut ice cream cones that are everywhere in the touristy areas are a pretty sweet, indulgent treat that's fun to share bites of and giggle about getting it all over your faces.
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For Stockholm, island-hopping in the Archipelago.
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In Prague, watch a sunrise from Charles Bridge; and take a break from the inevitable walk through old town by stopping for dessert at the beautifully classy Grand Cafe Orient.
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Midnight walks around Prague castle are very magical. Many of the historic buildings are lit up. There are far fewer tourists. Right now there is snow. Like I said, magical.

Another romantic thing is to go to a concert/theatre performance at Národní Divadlo or Rudolfinum. Both buildings are stunning and local etiquette is to really dress up, so it's all very glamorous.

For more intimate romance, there are many cozy pubs and restaurants to share a pot of tea or a bottle of wine. One of my favourites in the centre is NAPA bar, which is cozy and had lovely live music the last time I was there.
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Firstly, I think, the best idea: to rent a paddle-boat (either pedal or rowing) for about 70CZK (~$3) and ride around for 60min. Lovely during the day, but especially so during the night, with all the lights reflecting on the water! They run until about 10pm. You get to see angles of everything you wouldn't normally. It's surprisingly intimate! You can find them on the island Zofin itself (picnics!) or near the Charles Bridge, at the river patiofront, inside Klub Lávka (a decent spot for getting drinks before/after!)

But - shoot - I overlooked your update. A good number of these might not be so enjoyable in freezing weather, lol.

Secondly is to get some treats at Ovocný Světozor, on Vodickova street, accessible from tram station Vaclavske namesti (trams 3, 9, 14, 24). Within this little 'arcade' of a street mall, where this confectionary is located, you can find the Frantiskanska garden, which has lovely summmertime roses, but in wintertime you can certainly take your ice-cream there or to-go, just as well.

Thirdly, totally agreed with brambory that you could go and see the symphony, opera, ballet, or a play, at a cost that would be inexpensive compared to what most people are used to paying. For what would have amounted to about $20, I could have heard Vivaldi's The Four Seasons being played when I was there. That – alongside a nice dinner – is a lovely idea anywhere.

Fourth, maybe seeing some Czech movies with English subtitles would be a nice date! Kino MAT is one of the coziest, loveliest cinemas you can find anywhere, and it has great sound. They typically play films in the evenings - but buy tickets in advance.

Maybe finally, just strolling, picnicking, and exploring the parks. Letna Park with its city view is gorgeous, especially at sunset. Likewise, up the hill the Castle is on has some pretty gardens (perhaps not worth the hike on their own, but a nice reward.)
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Afternoon tea or coffee/pastries at Vete-Katten in Stockholm. Cute 1920s atmosphere and the princess cake was amazing! Nice place to sit and chat.
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Romantic places you can visit now include the butterfly house that I will have to find a link to. There are others, but maybe wait until tomorrow morning when the Swedes wake up and can report back?
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Kinaslottet, the Chinese Pavilion at Drottningholm in Stockholm, was built in secret as a surprise gift from King Adolf Frederick to his wife the Queen, who then wrote to her mother: "He brought me to one side of the garden and I was surprised to suddenly be part of a fairy tale, for the King had built a Chinese castle, the most beautiful one can see." That's got to qualify as a little bit romantic!

The Vasa-ship museum is my personal favourite in Stockholm, and hell, why not even romantic, in a pirate-y way. I mean it is a historical relic from a swashbuckling era.

And Brasserie Le Rouge seems to be a restaurant that's sort of over-the-top romantic with a burlesque vibe. Haven't been there myself, though.
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Skansen is beautiful in winter.
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In Prague, coffee at Café Louvre.
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