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I've been looking for a scary movie that I saw brief moments of when I was a kid. All I remember is this little catapult throwing ice and a barrier between the desert and what looked to be a little farm that had a family out having a picnic in the 1800's. I think it might have had Ethan hawk in it but I can't be sure . Long story short the barrier brakes and the protagonist runs through it and is instantly attracted this family who are really like vampires. Anyone know what movie that is ? I figured this would be a good page to find out .
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When were you a kid / About how old are you?
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Response by poster: Born 1993
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This ever so vaguely sounds like it could be The Reflecting Skin, but it's unlikely you'd stumble across it on tv...
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Might it be The Reflecting Skin? Viggo Mortensen was in it. Not quite your memory, but maybe?
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I think I know exactly what you are talking about! But I'm not sure I can be more help, except I think it may have been an episode of something like the Outer Limits.

More plot details that I remember: It was some sort of experiment where the scientists could see other dimensions, and sometimes the barrier between them would be open (that was the ice cubes - testing when it was open) And the far side seemed idyllic to the point that someone ran through the barrier when it was open. Except then the people on the other side turned out to be some sort of monsters with razor teeth and ate him.
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Here's a similar question and it turned out that person was thinking of an episode of "Night Visions" called "A View Through the Window."
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Ugh, Reflecting Skin people, thanks for the re-traumatization.

Could it possibly have been Near Dark? It's a Western with vampires.
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Response by poster: It was the Night Visions ep, thanks!
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Based on a very good short story by Bob Leman, that I maybe read in Omni as a kid? Or a year's-best anthology? Good stuff--I didn't know that it had ever been adapted. Thanks for the tip!
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Never saw the TV adaptation, but I read the story in "The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction". That's not a periodical I ever read at all regularly. In fact, that may be the only issue I ever actually purchased. It's a sign of how effective the story is that I remember both it, and the cover of the issue in question, vividly some thirty-six years later.
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