Misplaced Patriots fan needs help!
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I am a New England Patriots fan who works with a Steelers fan. In anticipation of the game this weekend, I would like very much to wear some sort of Patriots shirt tomorrow. What brick-and-mortar store would I go to in order to find a Patriots shirt/hoodie/whatever? Difficulty level: NW Chicago suburbs.

What stores does one go to for out-of-town team sportswear? I know Old Navy sometimes has a range of sports teams T-shirts, but they are hit-and-miss. I don't want to go to like 5 different places tonight, so if anyone knows of a store where they are more likely than not to have something Patriots-related, that would be great. I am a woman, but men's clothes are no problem.
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I'd try Dick's Sporting Goods over in The Maxwell.
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I would try a local branch of Dick's Sporting Goods; there are a few locations in the NW Chicago suburbs. Also, I would call the stores in advance to inquire whether they have such apparel in stock, so that you don't have to run around to a whole bunch of locations.
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There's a pretty good chance any Target/Walmart/etc. will have Patriots stuff anywhere in the U.S. There's local-loyalty and then there's making-a-buck, especially now that they're the most popular team left (by merchandise sales) in the playoffs.
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Kohl's even has a bit of Patriots Gear. You can search your local Kohls from the website to see if they have it in stock.
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Woodfield Mall has a few possibilities: Champs, Finish Line, Locker Room, etc. You can also look on their websites to see if they have something you want in stock. You may also want to check out a store like Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Ross Dress for Less. They usually have a selection of shirts etc. for non-local teams.
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Walmart no, Dicks no (save for a child's Gronk jersey), nothing in a Kohl's within a 50-mile radius. Thanks anyway!
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Niketown Chicago has one jersey and one t-shirt.
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