PHO Disaster
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Hi Metafilter Cooks- I need your advice. I was making a delicious looking Chicken Pho recipe from Smitten Kitchen, but adapting it to my instant pot. I put together the ingredients for the broth and set the pressure cooker and walked away...and afterwards produced a divine smelling stock that I really want to use. But

I have a small toddler which means that I can never ever concentrate on anything that I am doing which is why attempting to cook is usually an adventure. After I started lifting out the chicken pieces from the pot, I also found the liner that goes at the bottom of the chicken package within. I was distracted while putting in the chicken and obviously missed it. I am so very very very sad to have wasted my time, these lovely ingredients, and so incredibly frustrated. Is this something that I should throw out? Advice appreciated!!
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help accidentally cooked the absorbent meat pad
Meat package padding won't hurt cooked meal

Consensus seems to be if the pad is undamaged, you should be ok.
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Well, anecdotally I have done this and it was okay. More specifically, as long as the packaging looks unaltered from cooking the USDA says it is ok.
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Thanks!!sadly the packet, although mostly in one piece was definitely damaged. I am guessing throw out?
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I wouldn't, but that's just me. If there are large bits of clearly missing, but if it seems largely intact, you're not going to be ingesting very much of a substance that isn't actually toxic in the first place. Your risk aversion may vary.
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Look at it this way: If you try to eat the broth, you know you'll be grossed out knowing that you're eating the plastic chicken diaper. And you also know that you can make the recipe now, because it turned out well. Pitch this version, make it again, and enjoy your pure delicious broth!
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The one time this happened to me, I threw out the food. After reading INFJ' links, I think I should have just eaten it. It seems logical that no one would be allowed to package food with something poisonous.
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Just a note....

Whenever I throw away food, or money, or otherwise do some shameful/wasteful gaffe, I conceive of it as life tax. A certain amount of wastage happens, and can be tolerated (though it feels awful at the time). I build it into my expectations, the way even very diligent retail stores expect some shoplifting.

One advantage of this perspective is that it doesn't easily scale, if I have an impulse (subconscious or otherwise) to relax my standards and tolerance and become increasingly wasteful/sloppy. But it forgives (and recognizes as inevitable) errant occurrences, so they don't weigh me down.

I left a hose running for a month last year, and had to pay a $1000 water bill. I wrote the check with minimal blood pressure raising (and simply reduced my expenses for the next few months). Life tax! Same for my car getting towed periodically in NYC. Life tax! Doesn't mean I'm not careful about parking, water use, etc. Not an excuse, just a coping mechanism.
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When I did this, I felt like there were particulates in the stock that I could not explain away by any of the rest of my ingredients and I threw it out. I will eat a lot of things that most of MetaFilter won't, but this was over the line for me.
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I probably wouldn't eat it, but if I did, I definitely wouldn't feed it to the toddler. Small bodies = more vulnerable to small amounts of chicken stock weirdness. I would probably pour it on some bread in the backyard and thrill the raccoons, and make a new batch for the family.
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