Online sports league management?
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Sports League Management Software, web based ... can this be done with a package like OSCommerce?

I'm a member of a kickball/dodgeball/bowling league here in Portland. I'm also a software developer that has a bunch of resources like servers and stuff, and I want to help the league get away from the people that are currently hosting their league software. I figure that there's *got* to be something written to manage sports teams already, but I haven't managed to turn it up. Preferably open-source, preferably free, possibly a mod or plugin to something else.

Features that they need:
* Team Setup / Management for League people and Team Captains
* Player Signup and payment via credit card (they have a merchant acct)
* Store to sell T-shirts and stuff
* Ability to post schedules and stuff for the entire league

It'd take me about a month or two to get the team setup, signup/payment, scheduling, and stuff written with my current workload... and I was hoping that there'd be an easier way. Anyone know of something that's already made?
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I'm looking for something similar for a company basketball league. I would like to manage divisions, schedules, scores, stats, etc. Yes, this can be done manually through HTML - but it would be nice to give each manager posting rights and allow them to populate scores, etc. and have them autopopulated into the Season homepage where it posts records, standings, etc.
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