What's the best Gaming chair I could use?
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Comfortable, long-lasting gaming chairs.

I've decided, as a (so-called :P) 'hardcore' gamer, I can't just stick with this rigid office chair. Especially when I'm playing most console games, I want to be laid back--I want some sort of lounging chair, perhaps of the squishy variety, that is ideal for gaming. Maybe adjustable in tilt and stuff like that.

Price isn't too much of an object, as long as it's not ridonkulous.

So what are all of your best finds? It can be in a "real" store, but an online order might be nice too. Depends.
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Are you planning on using it with the console/TV *and* with your regular computer?

If not, get a beanbag chair, esp one of the ones that's shaped like a hershey kiss and therefore has a place to rest your head when you plop down in it. Infinitely adjustible, cheap, and comfortable!
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allow me to make the obligatory mention of the herman miller aeron chair.

it's got a meshy back that's super comfortable and breathes to keep your ass cool (you know what i'm talkin' about). totallyadjustable, supportive and comfortable, and you can set it to lean waay back or upright for use at a computer or whatever. i used to have one at my old job and once you've done it, you just never ever go back to any other kind of office chair.

kinda spendy, but if i were buying the chair, it would be one of these.

if you're just looking for something to plonk in front of the tv, how bout a slick la-z-boy?
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Response by poster: Already getting some good ideas, but I'm looking for something must less office-chair-y. And yeah, this pretty much should be separate from my comp chair. I'm thinking like an elongated shape, but then again, bean bag chair is a great idea.
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Response by poster: also note: the aeron chair looks great, but actually is out of my price range. When I said 'not an object' i was thinking max maybe a few hundred, not almost a thousand :x
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I know they make chairs specifically made for console gaming, btw... they're available at best buy ... but my experience with them is that they're one-size-fits-none and the padding is VERY thin on them.
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The Mirra is the HM "few hundred" version of the "almost a thousand" Aeron. But, like a matress, it's the hardest thousand to spend until you've spent it. Once you have the chair, you understand.
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He said "long-lasting." The Aeron is a lot of things (many of them good), but it isn't that. It has a very high failure rate -- in my office of 100ish Aerons, about one a month broke in some inconvenient way -- and can be extremely uncomfortable after a couple of hours. I'd imagine a cut-rate version of the chair would be even more prone to breaking down.
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Sounds like you want a La-Z-Boy.
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I also say just get a La-Z-Boy, and if it's too low, well, that's why Vishnu invented phone books.

Call me crazy, but I have one of those Gaiam balance ball chairs for my main computer chair at home, and I game with it pretty often. But I prefer mainting an okay posture instead of the inevitable slouch with my normal chair. Besides that, I feel a bit more alert while playing when sitting upright like that.
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Ekornes' Stressless chairs are comfy and adjustable living-room type chairs. My mother has one and it's comfortable and supportive, and has well-padded armrests (bare wood armrests suck for gaming). They come in 2-3 sizes per style, so you can get the one that fits you best. They don't seem to allow prices published on the Web, but I think Mom's was about $800 Canadian. They put La-Z-Boy to shame.
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Nope, you want a beanbag chair my friend. Infinitely more comfortable than any office chair you're going to get, at least for the purpose you're going to be putting it to.

There is a particular brand of bean bag chair I wanted to recommend to you .. they make really big, sturdy ones that I tried out at a friends' house and thought were pretty cool. Unfortunately I don't remember the name. They were a company that only made bean bag chairs, and they had a franchise in one of the malls here in Seattle a couple of years ago. It's a short name. Anybody?
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That would be FOOF.
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SUMO makes a pretty sweet product. Very comfortable for all sorts of badly conceived sprawling positions.
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Many of my gamer friends swear by the papasan chair and while comfy, I find it too easy to tip over in, especially when you just want to flop down on it.

I use this cheap chair from Ikea myself and it's been good to me. It's durable, easy to clean soda off of, low to the ground, comfy, but not comfy enough to make me fall asleep. Be warned though, the front part of the seat of this chair has this habbit of sinking in and then when you slide further back into the chair, the front sometimes will pop up and hit boys in the nads. I've never had that problem, but there's a reason boys are afraid of my chair.
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I bought my wife a gliding rocker for her first Mothers day, she loves it, but if shes not in it, I steal it as a video game chair. Make sure you get the gliding Foot rest as well.

Heres the one I got her basically
Comfy as all get out and pockets on the side for controllers and remotes, reclines and still glides. I lurve it.
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I was thinking of the LoveSac. Thanks Durhey.
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It's all about the bean bag. I have never found a better console gaming chair. Of course, if your TV is on a highish TV stand it can be very uncomfortable, but if it's at a normal level the beanbag is perfect, and cheap.
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I own a Foof (aka Fuf or Poof) chair and it's just about the most damn comfortable thing ever. The LoveSac looks to be more or less the exact same thing (at least once you get into the larger sizes, but the shredded foam bits construction is the same otherwise).

Part of the appeal is that it's more useful than most beanbags. Flatten it out and you can lay out easily on it. Fluff it back up and it will have plenty of extra space providing adequate neck support so you can actually lean back. Cram it up against a wall and the neck support is amazing. Look around the web a bit, I bought a large model for about $100 with free shipping from some random company (www.studentmarket.com actually, after checking my old receipts). Shipping is normally at least $20 or so and locally a futon place carries them, but for a terrible price.
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