Umbrella for Women's March
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Does anyone know of a source for an umbrella with a progressive slogan or image on it? I planned to carry a sign in the Women's March on Saturday but the forecast is for rain. It would need to get shipped to California by end of day this Friday. Thanks!
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If you can't find one with a slogan, I just checked Amazon and they have tons of rainbow umbrellas with prime shipping.
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If they're not letting us carry sticks for our signs or non-transparent backpacks i HIGHLY doubt that you'll be allowed to march with an umbrella. Especially given their use in the past by self-styled "anarchist" groups at protests.
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Double check, but I am pretty sure umbrellas are not allowed at the march.
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Most recent reports saying the weather is looking good for Saturday in DC. Rain is going to be on Friday.
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That hadn't occurred to me but genmonster and Mchelly are probably right. Any leads on a rain poncho with a similar slogan or image then?
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Alternative: could you possibly get the sign laminated instead, and wear a raincoat rather than carry an umbrella? I'd call your local FedEx Office and see how large a sign they can laminate.
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Current predictions are for mid-fifties and overcast on Saturday.
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Get a raincoat and decorate the back of it.
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You guys, OP says they live in California
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You can slogan a poncho or raincoat with one of those giant fat poster sharpies. I just Primed a pack of ponchos since the LA weather on Saturday seems iffy. (I can't tell if you're going to the LA march or flying to DC. Right now I have not heard that umbrellas are not allowed at the LA march but carrying a big eye-poking device in a large crowd, where your eye-poker will drip on everyone else too, is kind of uncool.)
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