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Regarding Movable Type:

So, I am a member of a moderatly active local community blog that is run using Movable Type. The administrators are trying to figure a way to make easy to edit profile pages for the members. The ease of use should be along the line of beginner use. I am not an expert in any way on MT or database use but it seems there should be a way to use text boxes linked to a database to create indivdual profile pages, yes?
Is there a realitivly easy way to set up a system to do this and how would it be accomplished?
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There's a CustomFields plugin for Movable Type that includes author profiles. The plugin makes profile pages. (more screenshots).
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The RightField plugin also lets you add custom fields to Movable Type.
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Send a nice mail to the guy who runs, Sean. They just recently added this feature and might be willing to give you a quick answer on how they did it.
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It can be done any number of ways. I'm using ProfileIt for profile pages at

Since this implementation, RightFields has come out, which is a much more robust solution but does require a bit of technical MySQL knowledge to get it working, as it's still in beta and auto-installer isn't ready yet.
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Clarification: RightFields also gives you the option to store data internally, in which case you don't have to do any MySQL setup. MySQL storage is recommended if you have the access and knowledge to do it, but not necessary.

That said, since CustomFields lets you add fields directly to the Author entry screen (RightFields only deals with entry fields), that might be a better option, if your members are MT authors and you want them to do this editing through the MT interface.
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Response by poster: thanks everyone, this'll help
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