Convert PPT to Website?
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Trying to copy and paste pages only gets me the wording, none of the graphics or formatting. What to do?

I have successfully moved it to Google Slides, which has been helpful. But I want to publish the content on a website, not just link to the slides. I did that previously and I don't think that is great.

At this point, I think I also need to update info, re-organize, yadda. The slideshow looks terribly dated, to put it as nicely as possible.


(I am aware that PowerPoint has a "convert to HTML" button (or did). For REASONS, this is of no use to me. )
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Have you considered importing it to Slideshare? I think you can embed from there. You can also export as images and then just put them in the HTML of a web page if that is helpful.
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I have not yet looked at importing to anything like Slideshare. Ideally, I would rather move the content to the web as web pages.

How would you export as images? I see no means to do this. (I don't know that it will serve my purposes, but I would be happy to play with it and see what it does.)

This is an extremely old file. The original date on it is 2003. PPT is crabbing at me about how it is suspicious and yadda. This might cause complications.

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Depends what version of PPT you are working with and what platform, but here is an example HOWTO for one version of powerpoint.
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What about copying/pasting into Word then saving as HTML from there? I just cntrl-a'd the content on the slide then pasted into word and it grabbed everything except the background of the slide. Then in word I could move images around, change text, etc. Prolly not the most elegant solution... *shrugs*
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Here's our (work's) process for doing this:

Copypaste document from Word (or whatever) into our Wordpress. Format text as need be - our specific build autoconverts most standard Word styles into their equivalent WP style, so fiddling is minimal. YMprobablyV.

For the ppt slides, yes, as in the howto linked above, save the deck as a series of PNGs, name them accordingly, upload them and place them in their spots in the text. It is mildly painful to do this if there are a lot of slides, but on the upside, the images are clean and readable. I suggest you add text captions (even if only the title of each slide) to each, which will both make them searchable by your readers and easier in terms of accessibility.
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If the content of your slides is just text, I think saving the slides as images is mighty kludgy, and possibly unreadable on a small screen. Instead, convert your powerpoint to a word document, here's five ways how. Then "saves as" to a text file, and then open that file in an HTML editor.

But if your powerpoint slides are like pictures and graphs, then yeah, save as image files.
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Have you considered embedding (rather than merely linking) the Google Slides file? Here is the support page explaining how.
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Since posting the question, I have gotten most of the text transferred and slightly reorganized and that piece of the process is clearer in my mind.

The graphics are basically all maps of some sort. I marked up stuff using PPT functionality. It isn't copying and pasting. What I might need to do is recreate the maps using Google Maps or something.

I am at least making progress. I wanted to do this years ago and got nowhere. So, I am encouraged.
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Depending on how long it is, a series of screenshots would be the absolutely easiest way to do this, and then copy/paste the text into the ALT tags for accessibility.
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