municipal websites: what's the landscape?
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My small town has the world's worst website - it was basically abandoned by its vendor sometime last year, and the city manager is in no hurry to remedy that. The former contractor was CivicPlus, and the new contractor/vendor is a group called Civica, which has recently been bought by another group called Granicus.

Has anyone had experience with them, or heard of them? I've done a little searching on the Web, but the links don't seem worth including here - very jargony; a bunch of young-ish guys; services offered seem awfully far-ranging to have confidence in any particular one. They also do not list "local municipal website management" or such among those services. I'm beginning to wonder if we couldn't just hire a good webmaster to work on the staff of the IT department, and (ballpark) what contracting out a town's website might cost. I have started trying to raise these questions, but it may be a long-term project, and I'd like to be as well-informed otherwise as possible. Is there a vendor that is the gold standard for municipal websites?
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We have CivicPlus and like it, so no help there. We also use Granicus for our legislation management and although it's awesome from the public end, it stinks from the staff end.
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I worked in this space until very recently, MeMail me if you want to chat off the record.
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You might find out whether your contract with Civica will remain with Civica or migrate to Granicus.

a competitor offers this information:

And I googled and got a variety of city websites--they might be good as templates.
The Granicus website offers a list of customers to explore.

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A family member who works in city government selected ProudCity for their municipal site. They seem like a smart, progressive company.
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