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Looking for "soulful" electronic music recommendations

I'm looking for electronic music that can be described as "soulful"; this doesn't mean that it necessarily has soulful singing voices (although that's great) but has a soulful "feel". If you're not sure what I mean by that, I'll also just take recs. for electronic music that is good, whether it's artists or song titles. I like both fast and slow tempo. I really like this type of music, but don't know many artists.

Examples of stuff I mean/like (not even sure if these are strictly "electronic":

The XX
Fatboy Slim

These are mostly from my "era"; looking to update and find more good artists (don't need to be current though)
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Yazoo! They're a new wave band from the early 80s that made music that's basically soul played on a synthesizer:

Also from the same era, the Eurythmics - they're mostly familiar for Sweet Dreams but they made a lot of music in that vein:
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Tackhead added a vocalist for friendly as a hand grenade. He's pretty soulful. Also 9 lazy 9. Sharpshooters.
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Best answer: Not sure if you know about the genre trip-hop or not, but you definitely want to deep dive into it if you have not. It's sort of a dead genre, having been essentially absorbed into pop music, but there's plenty of stuff to dig around in. I don't want to overload you with albums, so I'd say if you haven't heard Tricky's "Maxinquaye" definitely give it a listen.

Also FKA twigs blew my damn mind the first time I heard her because she's doing now essentially what Portishead was doing twenty years ago.
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Timmy Thomas - Why Can't We Live Together (1972)
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Does Pretty Lights do it for you?
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Perhaps not technically electronica, as I just found out that The Herbalizer is not one dude who is a DJ but a duo with a touring band, but I feel like some of their stuff occupies the same space as some Fatboy Slim stuff. Particularly soulful when Jessica Darling appears on a track.
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Bobby Womack
James Blake
Everything But The Girl
London Grammar

There's lots of compilations of Deep House, Lounge, and Chill type electronic music that will have some stuff that is likely to please you. (random example)
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In a perhaps-unlikely sounding suggestion, the new Lambchop record might do the trick.
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Hip-hop that's inspired by soul is really huge right now.

You would definitely be into people making instrumental beats, like:
Thelonious Martin
Fess Grandiose

You might be into people who also rap/sing, depending on whether you're ok with vocals:
Anderson .Paak
Jamila Woods
Elton Aura
BJ the Chicago Kid

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I feel like I basically collect "soulful" electronic tracks in my spare time so this is my bread and butter - that said, your description/artists are pretty broad so not sure if our ideas of "soulful" are aligned. So here's a few recos that might fit what you're looking for and if it's the right direction, let me know and I can provide much, much. much more like this:

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I'll throw out black moth super rainbow - Dreamsicle Bomb.
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The Avalanches - Because I'm Me
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LTJ Bukem might fit the bill.
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Theo Parrish
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You will LOOOOOOVE Massive Attack. You can start at the beginning and experience the change in their sound. I also love Tricky's Maxinquaye
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Going in a bit broad based just on those artists you've mentioned

Massive Attack
Emiliana Torrini
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Massive Attack
Supreme Beings of Leisure
Some Grimes

Edit: Heh, triple ditto on Massive Attack
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As far as soulful tinges on electronic bases, my area of expertise is where it starts to cross over into a little R&B. So, that being said, I'd like to second FKA twigs! She's lovely. Some of her stuff is admittedly a little hit or miss, but when it hits for me, it really does. Listen to that outro especially – it vibes hard. Along those lines, you might like: Alina Baraz, who's a little more pop R&B; Ta-Ku, who goes in a more instrumental hip-hop direction, and Sango, who's a frequent collaborator with him.

And, yeah, on preview, fourthing the Massive Attack. It's seminal stuff, and a little bit older, but you might find it's your goldmine.
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Allow me to introduce you to The Knife.
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Seconding Theo Parrish , and his young protege Jay Daniel has got it going on too, though in a more minimal fashion.

Explore the Stones Throw catalog too, especially the mix albums from Madlib.

Burial certainly belongs on this thread too.

"These Words" by Martyn/dBridge always gets me.
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"Electronic" means a lot of things. But my mind went right to Moodyman/Kenny Dixon, Jr.

Anotha Black Sunday
Freaky Motherfucker

Lots of his live sets are up online, too.
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Best answer: Here are some more recent artists you might like:
- Flying Lotus - strongly recommended. Try Zodiac Shit and the album Until the Quiet Comes (especially this amazing video).
- Taylor Mcferrin - if you like Flying Lotus, I think you will really like this. Decisions is a good first song to try, I think.
- A/T/O/S
- Bonobo
- The Field
- Fever Ray
- The Knife
- James Blake - try Retrograde first
- Odesza - more on the dancey side
- Pogo - more uptempo & happy; has elements in common with Fatboy Slim

Have you fully mined the 90s? I bet there's a lot of stuff out there that you haven't heard yet that you will like. I highly recommend checking out Big Sonic Heaven, which started as a radio show in 90s Detroit and now runs as a podcast online. It features all manner of trip-hop, shoegaze, and electronic goodness -- including stuff from the 90s as well as more recent things you might enjoy. If you're not already intimately familiar with the names Morcheeba, Lamb, and Tricky, then get thee to Big Sonic Heaven.

If you're on Spotify, here are a couple of playlists that might feed you some good ideas. If you start listening/marking some of these as favorites, Spotify will start to feed you similar stuff in your auto-magically generated "Discover Weekly" playlist and you can branch out from there.
- Ninja Tune/Trip-Hop/Chill-Out
- Electronic Concentration

Genres to search on Soundcloud, Spotify, or similar:
- Trip-hop (to find artists like Portishead & Massive Attack, Fourtet)
- Shoegaze, dream pop, chillwave, ambient or ambient pop, downtempo (to find artists like The XX, Moby, Portishead, Fourtet)
- Big beat (to find artists like Fatboy Slim)

Non-Spotify resources for finding more music:
- The Music Map (input an artist, see similar ones)
- Gnoosic (input 3 bands you like, get back 1 recommendation)
- Ishskur's guide to electronic music (read one man's cranky but hilarious breakdown of genres; listen to samples and find genres you like)
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There's a lot of dnb that has a very soulful feel. (These are all older too)
Alex Reece - Feel the Sunshine , Candles
Goldie - State of Mind , Inner City Pressure
Roni Size - New Forms

Newer...FKA Twigs for sure...maybe Janelle Monae?

Less soulful in vocal approach but maybe with the warmth...
Peaking Lights?
Brightblack Morning Light ?
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Seconding Bonobo. Simon Green is fantastic.
Maybe also Tycho.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! Going to make my way slowly through these. I've heard some of Massive Attack and like them. Been listening to FKA Twigs and Tricky- like them a lot!

This list is a great resource- I will keep checking back.
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Some of my faves:

Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink always gets me

Orbital - Halcyon On and On

Squarepusher - Beep Street

Underworld - Dirty Epic

Layo and Bushwacka - Love Story
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Thievery Corportation
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The 90s were indeed a rich decade for this type of sound and there were a number of acts that achieved some amount of exposure but never really fully broke through.

The Moodswings had one big success that put them into "one-hit wonder" territory but they produced several very enjoyable but underrated albums.

Fitting your "electronic" criterion less well but with a related sound, Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart had a similar one-hit trajectory but produced some other interesting tracks. I would categorize their output as more uneven, however.
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Without repeating any of the above...

SBTRKT (I particularly like tracks like that that feature Sampha on vocals).

I keep coming back to the Mala in Cuba album.

I'm surprised no one's mentioned Boards of Canada yet.
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Oh hey lots my faves mentioned here: Twigs, SOHN, Glass Animals.
I'll raise you Jamie Woon.
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I'm a bit surprised no one's mentioned Groove Armada. Big fan of their album Vertigo.
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Seconding Thievery Corp. You may've heard "Lebanese Blonde," which gained exposure through the Garden State soundtrack, and it's a good example of the band's peak-period sound. Definitely electronic + soulful. Dip into their first three albums: Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi (1996), The Mirror Conspiracy (2000), The Richest Man in Babylon (2002).

You mentioned the amazing Portishead. I'm also nthing Massive Attack, Tricky, Roni Size and adding Up, Bustle & Out and Smith & Mighty…you can't go wrong with triphop (though Size is drum'n'bass) bands out of Bristol in the '90s for that blend.
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Zero7 (aka 90s cafe soundtrack), 4hero
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How about:

Cibo Matto
Butter 08
pizzicato five
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Lots of great music on this thread. One from me:

I don't know if this fits your bill or not, but if you like Four Tex and The xx, check out Jamie xx, who is the DJ for The xx and good buds with Four Tet. Specifically this song they did with Romy from The xx.
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