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How do I find podcast producers that need music?

I recently produced music for an episode of an audio drama podcast, and loved the experience, and want to keep doing it, with the longer term goal of making (at least) a little money. I've got a few demos that I'm just putting the finishing touches on and website in the works.

So how exactly do I find and approach the people that might need someone to do make music for them? If I was looking to get into a local art\music scene, I'd just find the physical space where they meet and go from there. Is there an online equivalent for people making audio dramas and other podcasts that I can get involved in (bonus points if they're geared towards people making weird fiction\horror)?
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You probably already know this one but: keep your eye on Welcome to Nightvale. Every so often, they accept new music for their weather segment. Follow the creators on Twitter. The specifications for the songs are exact and they get MAD if you send them music when they aren't asking.
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I'm sort of doing this, but on the art end for podcast merch. I just asked the podcasts I liked then got cheeky, made something, and was like "you want this?" and am now emailing back and forth with one of the producers.

When you get your demos/website together, you basically just need to touch base with the podcasts and see if they're interested. Check to see if they have submission requirements (most don't, but some tend to use a particular musician exclusively) and just ask. Be up front with your terms, don't expect money, and be prepared to wait - podcasting is usually a second job at best. Depending on the podcaster, you can even ask for recommendations as to who might be looking for music.

You probably want to listen to a few episodes, of course, before sending in your query. That way you can get a bead on whether or not one of the podcasters is a musician themselves (TANIS, The Black Tapes), uses a single musician almost exclusively (Lore), or doesn't really want submissions outside of their strict guidelines (WTNV). You might also check out the various Reddit forums based around the podcasts. People who are looking to make something often lurk there and that might give you a lead or two.
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My friend and fellow radio producer Will Coley put together this list. You might want to add yourself to it.
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There are a few big podcast networks (Panoply, 5by5) plus also a few groups who crank out tons of podcasts among a group of friendly hosts (e.g., The Incomparable). Maybe contact them?
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