Stand for weighted keyboard?
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I am looking for a solid stand that will fit my CDP-120 Casio weighted keyboard.

One of my hobbies is playing classical piano. A few years ago, I purchased a CDP-120 Casio weighted keyboard after leaving my Yamaha baby grand with my folks, as I don't have a home large enough for a grand piano (even a baby grand). I currently use an X-shaped keyboard stand and find it woefully lacking. It's just not sturdy, and the keyboard wiggles around and I find it difficult to play, which means I don't play as often as I would like as it's just not a pleasant experience. However, the CDP-120 looks like it's no longer made, and I'm trying to find a suitable, sturdy stand - but they are no longer in production either.

I can't figure out if my CDP-120 will fit the CDP-130 stand, and if the CDP-130 stand that is out there is even any good - it's just particle board, and I'm guessing it's also pretty flimsy. But if it does fit, certainly, I am willing to try it. How might I find this out?Do you have a Casio CDP-120 and a stand that you're happy with? Ideally, the stand would have pedals or a way to secure pedals to it, but I realize this is probably pie-in-the-sky.

I'm not handy and can't fashion a keyboard stand on my own, nor am I really interested in doing that. What are my options (aside from finding a way to get an upright into my home, which is not going to be feasible for at least six months, and I'm loathe to get an upright unless I'm routinely playing again)? I would love to have a nice, sturdy stand upon which to put my keyboard so I can play happily again!
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"it's just particle board, and I'm guessing it's also pretty flimsy."

I suspect the problem with x-stands is the geometry, which isn't very good at resisting the keyboard rolling left-to-right when you play. For my 88-key stage piano I have a stand that is more of a table shape, with upside-down L shapes that fold out from a horizontal central bar, and it's quite stable as long as you manage to get the four feet level.

My only experience with Casio's stands is brief playing around in stores, but they seemed OK (at least they didn't wobble). I don't know anything about materials, but I'd be inclined to trust their choice.

Looking at, it looks like it only has a single sustain pedal input, so it won't take one of casio's 3-pedal units, so I think you're out of luck for stands with built-in pedals.

I googled around a little and, like you, couldn't find anything authoritative on whether there's a compatible stand from casio. I bet any "table"-style stand with the right dimensions for your keyboard would be OK.
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I haven't used it myself, but I've seen Z-stands like this continually recommended by professionals over X stands.
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"My only experience with Casio's stands is brief playing around in stores, but they seemed OK (at least they didn't wobble)."

(Oh and those were stands that looked like the CS44 or CS67, so more "table" style--I realize your X-stand is also Casio branded....)
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I put Velcro on the bottom of my keyboard and the top of the x-stand which eliminated the rolling with my Casio Privia PX-150.
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