Help me remember an early 90s computer game!
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I have a very VERY hazy recollection of a children's computer game involving currency that I'd like to know more about.

Background: I'm pretty certain this was something I played only at school (where we had Apple computers, probably Apple IIe) and not at home (where we had a Dell something or other running MS-DOS). I'm pretty certain it was on one of those medium size floppies and that I played it on a single-color display on the same machine I played Oregon Trail on. It would have been 1994-1995 or thereabouts, but it's likely the game is several years older (since it was the IT equipment given to my mom for her elementary school classroom--not the good stuff).

I have no idea what the game itself was, or what the point of it was. Here is what I remember:

-It involved currency. I distinctly remember German Marks and Japanese Yen.
-It involved different countries, and people (cartoonish, showed torso + head) from those different countries, who may have talked or asked questions in speech bubbles.
-There may also have been flags.

Unfortunately I don't seem to recall anything else about it. It may have been a math game, but maybe not. It may have been a geography game, but maybe not. It may have been a small part of some kind of larger game, but maybe not. I am 99.99999999% certain it was NOT Carmen Sandiego.

If anyone has any idea at all what game this might have been, I'd love to know. I haven't thought of it in decades, and then suddenly boom out of nowhere, I NEED TO KNOW.
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Response by poster: Okay, I have just remembered there was a part where you got to design your own paper money (???) or something like that? And there was a screen with different paper monies on it and you selected which one you wanted to pay (?) with.
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Doesn't ring a bell with me, but you could try trawling through abandonware sites:
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Best answer: This doesn't have the foreign currency aspect, but sounds like it could be a conflation of another game and Money Works?
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Response by poster: YES YES YES IT WAS MONEY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS is what I'm remembering, specifically.

Thank you! Aaaahhhh!!!!!
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Response by poster: I can't believe I used to play this for fun.
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I got it working on my Mac!
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Best answer: It's an Apple IIgs game. I used an emulator called Sweet16. With the starter kit.

You'll also need a rom called "gsrom03" downloaded from this website.

Then the actual game is here! It comes in a .2mg file which I'd never heard of but the emulator will open.
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