Help me remember a half-forgotten quote about crickets and silence
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I've been trying to remember both the wording and the source of a quote I once heard to the effect of "If you want to make a loud noise, be so quiet you can hear the crickets, then take away the crickets." I heard (or read?) this in the context of writing poetry, and I feel like it may have been connected to Basho in some way--but I might be thinking that just because he wrote about crickets a lot. I have googled to no avail, but I may just suck at googling.
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There's a Basho here about the sound of cicadas (scroll down):

It talks about quiet and loudness, which might be (at least related to) what you're remembering.
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Response by poster: Sadly, that's not it, though it's a nice take on Basho.
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