Ceiling mounted sliding door lemma
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I have recently moved into a studio apartment and would like to install a ceiling mounted sliding doors to separate the "bedroom" from the "living room". Snowflakes below the fold.

There are lots of DIY tutorials on how to do this - but since I am domestically challenged I would ideally love to pay someone to do it! Is there a one stop shop that would enable me to find the sliding doors of my choosing + have a service who does the installation? I am running into lots of websites of questionable reliability and wanted to tap the hive mind for recommendations. Your input would be much appreciated! (I am located in Brooklyn, NY if at all relevant)
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Our brookly coop came with some sliding doors that do just what you want. We didnt buy them (neither did the previous owner) but i do know they came from the sliding door company which has a showroom/shop on atlantic ave.

The frosted finish has worn funny in a couple spots (possibly because it was cleaned with something that reacted to the finish) but they look and work great and are easily 7-8 years old. The ones we have did require the parqute to be pulled up and there is a lower track/channel in addition to the top.

No idea about pricing, im sure they arent cheap but i am pretty certain they offer full service installation.
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There's also Raydoor in NYC. I haven't used them, but comparison shopped between Raydoor and The Sliding Door Company before abandoning my plans for a wall of sliding doors. I remember one had much better prices and the other had a more compelling product line, but don't recall which was which.
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