Guest with bedbugs.
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A friend stayed overnight, went home and then found out they had bedbugs at their place. Should we be worried, and what should we be doing?

We're bagging up and then washing and drying the comforter and pillow they used with high heat, and we're also doing all the clothes we were wearing. What about the couch they slept on and chairs? What else should we be doing? Are we being too paranoid? Not paranoid enough? I'm not sure how to deal with this.
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You cannot be too paranoid. Do a YouTube search for how to do an inspection of your couch and furniture. It isn't very hard.
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If they had luggage, where did it sit during their stay? Give that area some extra attention.

Vacuum the couch and the surrounding areas thoroughly, then clean the filter. Outside, if possible.
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I had a bedbug infestation in 2005 and I spotted one bedbug early enough years later to stop an infestation there. I researched way too much into things at the time.

I will say this: in my experience, usually, an infestation has to be in a pretty bad state for the bedbugs to "hitch rides" on people's clothing, etc. The usual means of transmission is their travel from horizontally or vertically neighboring apartments. It is not that they don't hitch rides on people, but it's usually after the infestation is well-established.

For her to have just discovered the infestation would suggest to me that the balance of odds is in your favor she did not bring any into your apartment. Not saying it's totally impossible, and I suspect others will chime in with opposing stories, but the "norm" is, I think, that she wouldn't yet be in a stage where she would bring it in.
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The group home I worked at found 2 of the little buggers. I bought this: Cimexa and mattress covers. We also space bagged the bedding we were using at the time and dusted every baseboard, every nook and cranny on our ergo-base bed, including the mattresses, as well as our sofa and chairs. Be vigilant but try not to be paranoid. You can also make bed bug monitors like this with Solo cups and talcum powder. I recommend getting the Cimexa because it's more effective than diatomaceous earth but also, only use a fine dusting, to the point where you can barely see it. We've had no signs but we did treat 3x to be safe with Cimexa, along with the usual laundry doing and vacuuming.
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