Having friends is making me anxious
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I had social anxiety for a long time which meant I didn't really make any new close friends for the better part of a decade. I started a Master's course last year where I formed some real friendships, pretty much for the first time since secondary school. Now I can't stop convincing myself that my new friends don't like me anymore.

Today I met a friend for coffee, we had a really good time, and we made plans to meet again on Wednesday. Ever since I've been mildly anxious that she'll cancel our plans because I said something wrong and we'll never see each other again. She hasn't given me any reason to think this, and there isn't even anything specific that I regret saying. Intellectually I know that I have no reason to be anxious and that friendships aren't that fragile, but the anxiety is there anyway. This happens pretty much every time we see each other. We'll probably have a good time again on Wednesday, and I'll be mildly anxious again for the rest of the day. Does anyone else experience this? Is there anything I can do to stop driving myself crazy?
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Are you working on your social anxiety with a therapist and/or pdoc?
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I have in the past but I'm not currently seeing anyone.
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What stopped this for me, after years and years of trying everything else, was Zoloft. YMMV, consult a physician.
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Does your friend know you get anxious? Ask her for reassurance. Maybe she'd write you a little card to tuck in your wallet, like "Hey Chenko! We're pals for real, don't you forget it." It's OK to ask for confirmation that your fears aren't true. (In therapyspeak, an "affirmation.") It's also OK just to sit gently with the anxiety and let it fade out. Sometimes there's no quick fix.

Give the Mammalian Diving Reflex a shot, or go for a run. Engage and distract.
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Tell yourself, "This is just a symptom of my social anxiety and it's not the truth. " And then go see a therapist and/or a doctor.
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Are you single and are you attracted to this person? Because for me that was often a factor in anxiety early in friendships.

It would go away eventually once I either sorted out the romantic/platonic thing with them or decided in my own head that I would not want to date them.
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This is all your anxiety talking. Please go back to therapy for this. I recommend someone who does CBT because your brain is misleading you. Feeling Good could also be a good read for you.
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Does this response happen with just this one person in particular or all your new friends?
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Classic social anxiety. I don't want to be a buzzkill, but probably don't mention this to your new friend quite yet. Get some help from a doctor or therapist.
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Does this response happen with just this one person in particular or all your new friends?

It happens most often with her, but I get it with other people too sometimes.
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While I wouldn't tell your friend that you're worried she hates you, a lower-key "I'm so stressed out lately" or "moving to a new town has been exhausting" (or whatever is true for you but not personally about them) is probably something friends from your program will get and commiserate on, and getting it out there will help you show yourself that your friends really do like you.

If it's mostly one person, ask why. Does she remind you of someone intimidating? Are you just not a great match personality-wise? Does some of her behavior make you uncomfortable? You don't have to be friends with everyone.
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