Please recommend a long handled hand held percussion massager.
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This is for sore and tight muscles which I often have. I had never heard of this but my friend lent me hers for a sore neck and the next day I felt so much better. I want to buy one and am looking for feedback on a good product. Thanks in advance
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Best answer: Thumper products are quite good. I have the MaxiPro and the Sport and they work very well. Just keep moving it or you start to itch.
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Best answer: Over Xmas my daughter introduced me to the Thumper massagers. I got the Mini Pro. It's great.
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2nding the Mini pro. Pretty sure I bought mine used on ebay.
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Try before you buy! For some people concussive massagers bring on nausea or motion sickness. I only say this because you're unfamiliar with them.
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