Arranging for a birthday surprise in Vieques?
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What are my options for arranging a nice birthday surprise for someone while visiting Vieques at the end of this month?

My boyfriend and I are going to Vieques later this month. His birthday falls during this time. He's been AWESOME at both surprising me with the trip and arranging EVERYTHING. Like, I almost don't even care about the trip itself - the fact that I didn't have to plan any of it is like a vacation itself.

Anyway, I want to try to arrange some sort of little birthday acknowledgement while we're there. We already have plans to do a kayak tour of the bioluminescent bay that night. I contacted the hotel we're staying at and had a couple suggestions about having champagne/fruit basket in the room on arrival and a restaurant that *might* be able to deliver breakfast snacks that morning.

That's fine, but I wanted to see if there were any fun ideas I might be missing. I'm totally unfamiliar with Vieques and I'm hoping some locals or regular visitors might have some good insight. I'm particularly looking at Friday, 1/27, btw. Thanks!
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Re: kayak tour. You will probably want a shower after kayaking before going out.
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There are some quite nice restaurants on Vieques. You could take him out for a fancy dinner.
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Seconding k8t about that shower! You slog through a bit of swamp to get to the biobay!

There are some nice restaurants & bars along the Malecon in Esperanza. I would suggest making a reservation for the bio tour. Head to the Malecon, aiming for a while before dusk. Have a great meal (order fish!!) And have drinks at sunset. It's a gorgeous view across the bay. You will then have time to head back to your
room, and change into something you won't mind getting wet and muddy. Get yourself back to the beach in time for the bus ride to the bio bay.

(We didn't book a trip, just waited at one of the kiosks a few local people recommended. It has to be fully dark before you get the total effect of the bioluminescence. And it was spectacular, something that few on the planet will experience.)
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