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I’m looking for some good, hyper-local podcasts about towns and cities and suburbs and places. Some examples are: Curious City, which answers questions from listeners about Chicago; The Intersection, which looked at one intersection in San Francisco’s Tenderloin; and TriPod: New Orleans at 300 about New Orleans. I suppose that things like Off Shore -which is looking at different aspects of Hawaii one season at a time- would technically qualify, but they aren’t the point. Thanks!
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Home: Stories of LA
We Live Here: Stories of Race, Class, Poverty, Power, Systems and the people they touch. About St. Louis.
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Out Of The Blocks tells the story of everybody on one city block in Baltimore. Each episode looks at a different block. Really fun, sometimes poignant pictures of the people who live there.
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Outside Lands is about the western parts of San Francisco.
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Gravy from the Southern Foodways alliance(https://www.southernfoodways.org/gravy-format/gravy-podcast/
) talks about Southern food and culture in specific southern towns, cities, and regions.
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