Can you be gifted if you have poor factual memory?
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What is it like being gifted?

What is it like being gifted? How does your reality and experience differ from others? My parents and some teachers in the past believe I am somewhat of a visually gifted learner, though I am not diganosed since I am an adult. Simply curious to know what it is like. Two of my dearest friends are gifted and suffer existential depression which is something I have endured from time to time. I think a lot of gifted people are sensitive to beauty and design. I have this need to understand how things work and where things come from. Always curious and asking non-stop questions. Original thinking - I can see arguments on both sides to an issue and situation. Thinking critically and out-side-of-the-box thinking too. I do have a difficult time remmebering facts, making me prone to being twice-exceptional learner.

Do you have the need to redesign things in your mind? Whether it is people's hair style, a room, a pattern, et cetra. What is it like for you visually? Intellectually? Emotionally? Did you find schooling very trite and unchallenging? It has become so mechanized and rigorous with its cirriculum.

Pretty much a random question today. Simply curious to learn and know more about the gifted mind and persona.
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